Private and Semi-Private Lessons with Megan Schiferl-Green - May 15, 2017

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Megan has studied horsemanship since she was old enough to ride. She has ridden with Ray Hunt, Bryan Neubert, Lee Smith and others. She believes the connection between a horse and rider needs to be founded in respect & understanding. A former member of the SDSU Equestrian Team, Megan now makes her home near Milwaukee, WI where she studies psychology and teaches riders to be aware of their connection to the horse.

Call (402) 357-2102 or contact us for more information.


Here at WJ Ranch, we always welcome the opportunity to work with people so together we can all better our horsemanship skills. Greg & Tyler both enjoy the "problem horses" who in reality, are troubled mainly because so far in their lives, the "deals" that they have been offered haven't worked for them, in many cases because the owner or rider just doesn't know the next step to take. Together we will help make things less frustrating for both the horse AND it's rider!

Check with our schedule regularly as we try to give you the opportunity to meet some wonderful horsemen, whether it be as a clinic participant or an observer.

Our passion is to promote good horsemanship by offering opportunities here at the "WJ Ranch" to better your skills. We are all on this journey together!

We try to host our friend, Bryan Neubert when we can. Please check back for clinic plans.




Bryan helping out "Maverick", a 12-year old mustang


Greg working with a stud horse using a tie pole.


Other Clinicians At the WJ:

Ray Hunt at the WJ Ranch

Lee Smith is a joy to bring to our ranch!